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Counter Strike 1.6 Linux installation using wine 1.1.23

Installation of Counter Strike 1.6 using Wine Ver. 1.1.23, went on smoothly without any errors. However, the game crashes after a few seconds. So I un-installed wine and substituted the 1.1.15 Version and the game worked well. Was able to test the game but not on a LAN environment with other players.

Similar experiences were observed by other testers as well. I am currently using Ubuntu 9.04 and with it is PulseAudio. This apparently caused the application to crash. And indeed when the sound starts, the games stops and eventually it crashes. That was clearly observed.

What was not clear to me is when I reverted back to wine 1.1.15 without touching the Pulseaudio thing, i did work well. No hang ups no crashes. ¬†Could it really be the PulseAudio thing that’s causing the problem here? or is it a bug in the newer version of wine.

I did not disable the Pulseaudio because I did not want to mess up my sound system which appears to be running fine at this point. I decided to downgrade my wine installation instead. And that worked for me.