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My First Ubuntu Experience

Highlights all my experience using Ubuntu as my operating system. This includes setting up the system, installing the drivers (GPU), email clients to server configuration and eventually video and game streaming.

It all started when I joined a forum and started a thread about my experience with a Linux Distro called Ubuntu. Of course there are a hundred or more linux distros out there but I chose Ubuntu all because it is a lot easier to install on an existing Windows Machine.

Anyway, I downloaded and installed Wubi,  which is basically a windows application that allows two operating system to be installed on the same partition. So i ran the wubi.exe file on a windows machine, downloaded the xubuntu version did a little processing then after that,  restarted the computer (a very well known practice indeed). Then I continued the installation process from there. Eventually I came up with a dual boot system where I can choose to either boot to Windows XP or xUbuntu. Most of the time of course I choose xubuntu.

Why xUbuntu? well because it makes use of a light weight (using XFCE4) windows manager making it more responsive than the gnome version (Ubuntu) or the KDE vesion (Kubuntu). But under the hood, it is basically the same.

Oh just a quick note, the machine I am using right now was donated to me by a friend who, to my mind, thought of the best way to dispose off excess baggage, if you will. Here is the general specification of that piece of hardware and I must tell you that it is modest in all respect.

AMD Duron Processor 996 Mhz
768 MB RAM
Current installation: Win XP SP 3 Dual boot Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty)
80 Gig Hard Drive
NVDIA Gforce 5 Series (5500)

My objective then (and still is)  was to create a test environment for a possible switch from Windows. This was is inspired by another thread in a forum where it highlights the woos and sad state of the Internet cafe industry.

Much of the work I have done so far is located here. It all stated here at PinoyGeekDotOrg so even if I am creating my own blog now, I still wish to keep that sight. Please take time out to visit and contribute to that sight. We welcome everyone especially those who wish to contribute valuable knowledge. You are always welcome.