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Watch youtube using VLC mozilla plugin

My computer is a 957 Mhz 750Meg RAM PC and its been around for almost 5 years. I have been having problems watching youtube. It is slow and very choppy and for quite sometime I stayed away from the site up until today were I found a way to watch youtube videos using the VLC-mozilla plugin.

We all know that when you download videos from youtube, you can watch it using your native vedio player without the lag and choppiness. Well right now I can watch it directly without downloading it. Thanks to VLC Mozilla Plugin and Greasemonkey. VLC plugin is available when you install VLC while greasemonkey is available as an add-on to you mozilla browser.

First, install greasemonkey from the mozilla site and then restart Firefox. Then (if you havent done it yet) download and install VLC Media player (you can also use a native plugin player like totem, windows media player or mplayer) and dont forget to put a check mark on vlc-mozilla plugin on the installation wizard.

Then go to this site and look for “Youtube w/o flash.” It is a userscript that allows you to watch youtube video using VLC – plugin. It is much faster and it gets rid of the choppiness.

Have fun.