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Which one is Faster, Windows 7 or Linux ?

I run both systems in my PC and amazingly Linux runs faster than Windows 7. It came to me as a surprise because I thought that Flash works far better in Windows than it does in Linux.

I have a single core AMD Sempron 145 processor with 2 gig ram with Windows 7 installed. If I want to switch to Linux I just use my USB pen drive and I launch my Puppy Lucid OS in just a few seconds.

I watch youtube videos with seemingly higher bandwidth than I normally do with windows 7. Not only that, my applications pops up faster on Linux than it does on windows.

Amazing right, maybe you should give it a try. And also try Puppy Linux it works much faster than Windows or Ubuntu. Its easy to install and whats best is that it is portable.

HD videos run smoothly and it uses only a fraction of my CPU and memory.