Watch FLV Videos using VLC or External Players

I have a very old computer and whenever I watch movies in FLV format using the crappy Flash Player, I end up bored because it is slow, it downloads too long, it is choppy and it is simply an insult to my computer, if you will. It’s another way of saying, “hey get yourself a better computer.” Heheheh it sure is right but what if you don’t have the money to buy one or it just isn’t the time to buy one yet. Should I just watch choppy, crappy, slow movies? Or should I try to do something about it?

Well, I decided to do something about it. Good thing I am using Linux (running side by side with M$ crap). You see here is the thing. Whenever you start watching FLV files, it is actually buffering the video into your hard drive. Using VLC or Mplayer (not the M$ Media Player) you can actually watch it (without the choppiness) while it is buffering. If you have a decent connection you can actually watch the video without having to buffer it too long. In fact it is almost simultaneous.

So lets start with a movie say from “youtube” or “novamov.” So you pick out a movie you like, start streaming, and when it does, “pause” it. then look for that folder were your browser is buffering the flv file. Most often, it is found on the “temp” file. In the case of ubuntu it is in /File system/temp. It’s not hard to spot the FLV file because it starts with the word “Flash.” Right click on the file and run it using VLC, then wala you are now watching a decent video with out the choppiness. Smooth and it doesnt eat up your resources just like what Flash Players do all the time.

Have fun.

    • Laserion
    • January 2nd, 2010

    Nice! Thanks for Sharing, bro!

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