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Puppy Linux. The puppy that rocks.

I’ve tried  Ubuntu (6.10 – 9.04) and it variants, including xubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu etc. I also tried Slax, Debian, Wolvix and last but certainly not the least DSL (Damn Small Linux). By far the best I have ever had is Puppy linux. It’s compact, fast and it is by far very stable.

The default windows manager is JWM (Joe’s Window Manager) but I have tried other window managers i.e. XFCE, openbox, fluxbox and lately KDE. Comparing this to kubuntu, it is twice faster and more responsive on the same machine btw.

Installation was very easy. I just downloaded unetbootin and installed puppy ISO here, restart my computer, switch to unetbootin and there you go KDE Puppy right out of the box.

Give it a shot guys, its the best KDE in town. By the way, I have tried playing DOTA on puppy, it does the job better than Windows or ubuntu.