The Old Tech Guy

The old tech guys when they first came out, only a hand full were then dominating the industry. Indeed the Old Tech guy remembered during those he was one person who overly dominated his work place with his craft. Imagine a lone Dbase programmer in the office who can automatically print documents, keep a database and retrieve it in an instant

It was considered an achievement indeed having to run a whole days work with just a few codes, with such accuracy never imaginable in those days. It finally came to an end one day when by some stroke of bad faith, things did not go well and finally the old tech guy had to bow out and move to another place much less than what he desired for. And this is were it all began. The old tech guy began to loose what he thought to be a craft that would never be lost. He lost it as fast as he gained it and finally he saw himself with nothing more than just a memory of what it was before. In a mere instant, everything was lost.

Days, weeks, months and years went by The old tech guy moved on and on. Nothing has changed except the drive to continuously think of better ways to do things. Programming was no longer his turf, and so the old tech guy decided to move on to what he thought was a level higher than just a mere encoder. Innovation, he said, is the key to success. And he was right, innovate, thats it. Later on he realized that the ability to think out of the box did pay off but what he didn’t know was that innovation had a price as well. The world of innovation and change are loomed with pirates and vultures waiting for dead meat to feast on. one good idea gets stolen and “re-invented.” Many Old tech fell into this and many ended up poorer because they not only lost money, they also lost their ideas.

In the end, the old tech guy had to settle for tech job teaching old ladies, from a far away land who has never heard or seen a computer in her life, learn how to use the damn computer. Or an old man who thought that the computer is a type writer. But even in this kind of job, The old tech guy managed to innovate and apply ways to do things differently. And so he did. the old tech guy found an innovative way of doing things in the work place. Ha, a sure formula to success he said. And so he was right. It was such a bright idea so much so that in no time at all, word about an old tech guy with new things in mind, reached the president and top executives. Then the boss came along, shook the old tech guy’s hands and said “Thank you.” And I never saw her again.

to be continued……

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