Which one is Faster, Windows 7 or Linux ?

I run both systems in my PC and amazingly Linux runs faster than Windows 7. It came to me as a surprise because I thought that Flash works far better in Windows than it does in Linux.

I have a single core AMD Sempron 145 processor with 2 gig ram with Windows 7 installed. If I want to switch to Linux I just use my USB pen drive and I launch my Puppy Lucid OS in just a few seconds.

I watch youtube videos with seemingly higher bandwidth than I normally do with windows 7. Not only that, my applications pops up faster on Linux than it does on windows.

Amazing right, maybe you should give it a try. And also try Puppy Linux it works much faster than Windows or Ubuntu. Its easy to install and whats best is that it is portable.

HD videos run smoothly and it uses only a fraction of my CPU and memory.


Watch Youtube without Flash using Google Chrome

A couple of months ago, I wrote the same thing for Firefox. But what about Google Chrome. Can you do the same thing? You certainly can. One thing nice about it is that Chrome does not depend on Greasemonkey to run userscripts. Let me show you in three easy steps.

First, you need to download Google Chrome Beta not the usual Google Chrome. Here is the link.

Second, go to this site and search for “Watch youtube without Flash.”

Third, install the script and off you go. Its that easy you don’t have to install greasemonkey.

Have fun.

Watch FLV Videos using VLC or External Players

I have a very old computer and whenever I watch movies in FLV format using the crappy Flash Player, I end up bored because it is slow, it downloads too long, it is choppy and it is simply an insult to my computer, if you will. It’s another way of saying, “hey get yourself a better computer.” Heheheh it sure is right but what if you don’t have the money to buy one or it just isn’t the time to buy one yet. Should I just watch choppy, crappy, slow movies? Or should I try to do something about it?

Well, I decided to do something about it. Good thing I am using Linux (running side by side with M$ crap). You see here is the thing. Whenever you start watching FLV files, it is actually buffering the video into your hard drive. Using VLC or Mplayer (not the M$ Media Player) you can actually watch it (without the choppiness) while it is buffering. If you have a decent connection you can actually watch the video without having to buffer it too long. In fact it is almost simultaneous.

So lets start with a movie say from “youtube” or “novamov.” So you pick out a movie you like, start streaming, and when it does, “pause” it. then look for that folder were your browser is buffering the flv file. Most often, it is found on the “temp” file. In the case of ubuntu it is in /File system/temp. It’s not hard to spot the FLV file because it starts with the word “Flash.” Right click on the file and run it using VLC, then wala you are now watching a decent video with out the choppiness. Smooth and it doesnt eat up your resources just like what Flash Players do all the time.

Have fun.

Watch youtube using VLC mozilla plugin

My computer is a 957 Mhz 750Meg RAM PC and its been around for almost 5 years. I have been having problems watching youtube. It is slow and very choppy and for quite sometime I stayed away from the site up until today were I found a way to watch youtube videos using the VLC-mozilla plugin.

We all know that when you download videos from youtube, you can watch it using your native vedio player without the lag and choppiness. Well right now I can watch it directly without downloading it. Thanks to VLC Mozilla Plugin and Greasemonkey. VLC plugin is available when you install VLC while greasemonkey is available as an add-on to you mozilla browser.

First, install greasemonkey from the mozilla site and then restart Firefox. Then (if you havent done it yet) download and install VLC Media player (you can also use a native plugin player like totem, windows media player or mplayer) and dont forget to put a check mark on vlc-mozilla plugin on the installation wizard.

Then go to this site and look for “Youtube w/o flash.” It is a userscript that allows you to watch youtube video using VLC – plugin. It is much faster and it gets rid of the choppiness.

Have fun.

Puppy Linux. The puppy that rocks.

I’ve tried  Ubuntu (6.10 – 9.04) and it variants, including xubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu etc. I also tried Slax, Debian, Wolvix and last but certainly not the least DSL (Damn Small Linux). By far the best I have ever had is Puppy linux. It’s compact, fast and it is by far very stable.

The default windows manager is JWM (Joe’s Window Manager) but I have tried other window managers i.e. XFCE, openbox, fluxbox and lately KDE. Comparing this to kubuntu, it is twice faster and more responsive on the same machine btw.

Installation was very easy. I just downloaded unetbootin and installed puppy ISO here, restart my computer, switch to unetbootin and there you go KDE Puppy right out of the box.

Give it a shot guys, its the best KDE in town. By the way, I have tried playing DOTA on puppy, it does the job better than Windows or ubuntu.


Angels and Demons. The Anatomy of a Sick Mind

I was browsing the internet trying find a place were I can post an ad in the hope of selling a piece of property owned by my parents and I came across a Blog purportedly written by the CEO herself. This is the company website and this is her personal blog. What impressed me most was how she and her company portrayed themselves to be honest, righteous, fair and devoted to the word of “God” as they quote;

It is the Lord who gives wisdom; from Him come knowledge and understanding. He provides help and protection for those who are righteous and honest. He protects those who treat others fairly, and guards those who are devoted to Him. – Proverbs 2:6-8

So I continued reading until I came across her insights about buying “pre-foreclosed properties” wherein the owner is about to loose the property to a bank. This insight is found here. Were I quote:

“The best thing about pre foreclosures is the prices that are associated with them. In most cases, the owner has no choice but the sell the house, and therefore will listen to just about any offer that he receives. Due to this very reason, you can find pre foreclosures for sale at nearly 50% off market value. This is an ideal time to purchase, especially if you are looking to save a lot of money.”


“Along with the great prices you can get with pre foreclosures, you’ll also have the luxury of dealing directly with the owner – no third parties involved. This is a great advantage, with buyers being in total control of pre foreclosure sales. In the event that the home owner decides to turn down your offer and cannot find another buyer, he will lose everything. Even if you offer the owner a small price, he will be able to make a little bit of money selling the home.”

After reading through such a disgusting piece of material, I decided to write a comment which obviously wont be published for obvious reasons. And this is what I wrote.

Thank you very much for such an outstanding blog. I read through some of them and I must say that they are well crafted particularly the part about getting sweet deals out of buying pre-foreclosed properties.

I was particularly impressed when you mentioned that you can actually strike a very good deal to a tune of say 50% off the market price which you said potentially benefits the buyer/investor in the long-run (or even the short-run).

Yes indeed, but what about the other side of the coin.

Don’t you think that the poor family who has long been struggling to keep their homes and failed, stand to loose on this deal by exactly 50% of what you and your bargain hunter stand to gain?

Don’t you think that probably each and every member of this family must have spent sleepless nights worrying about how and where they are going to get their next meal much less how to keep their home from being foreclosed?

It was finally sold at 50% off the market price. Great, so thats that with the foreclosure case. But is that the end of the story? No it sure isn’t. That 50% slashed off the price could have gone a long way in starting a new life for them don’t you think so? that would have helped send the children to school, pay for rent etc. Not only that, they will forever remember the humiliation of loosing out on a deal to someone they don’t even know.

So what about them? do you think they deserve that?

“Ok Everyone just by twisting their arm a little bit more you could come up with a good deal. Buy one Take One.”

Lady no one deserves to be treated like that not even you.

I know this comment will not appear in your BLOG. You will probably delete this out even before you get to this part. But I wish you would’nt because I want to tell you how much of a hypocrite you are using the word “Praise” as part of your business name and with rays of sunlight on your logo symbolizing pureness, honesty, fairness and Godliness in all you do.

Well lady you don’t fool me one bit. You’re as greedy and selfish as your investors and bargain hunters. And you make me sick.

How to Speed up Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5 was a very disappointing piece of browser indeed because it is a resource hugger and it is slow to respond. I tried several solutions like this and a host of other tweaks that improved it a little bit. But I was not satisfied with it. It is really very slow and sometimes it actually freezes up soon as all those Java Scripts, Flash content and annoying Advertising comes up on the screen.

This is what I did to speed up my Firefox 3.5. I simply installed Adblock Plus and Flashblock. Adblock Plus disables all ads on a site while Flashblock disables all flash content on a site by default. If you wish to enable flash on a particular site all you need to do is to enable flash on that site only. That way you can choose which site to display Flash content.